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American Whirlpool is a quality leader in hot water products, bringing innovative and luxurious hot tubs and swim spas into the comfort of your home. We are proud to introduce the world’s first steel-frame Appliance Grade hot tubs, designed to be enjoyed for the lifetime of the product. We are so confident in our products that we back them with an industry-leading warranty and superior service. We’re excited to welcome you to experience the American Whirlpool difference!


151 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 151 offers a quaint experience with seating for up to three people, including a lounge seat equipped with calf and foot jets.

160 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 160 is a four-person spa that offers a corner massage seat and continuous bench all the way around the spa.


171 Model Hot Tub

With spacious seating for up to six people, the American Whirlpool® 171 has a luxurious lounge with foot jets, as well as two other corner massage seats to provide back relief from multiple locations.

250 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 250 is one of just a few rectangular-shaped hot tubs offered. The twenty-three jets are spread across four spacious seats, including two corner massage seats.


261 Model Hot Tub

The perfect fit for any corner space, the American Whirlpool® 261 provides seating for up to three people with one seat being a full lounge, complete with calf and foot jets.

270 Model Hot Tub

With four corner massage seats, a footwell of eight jets, and a neck massage, the American Whirlpool® 270 offers a unique massage experience from every location.


271 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 271 has all the features of the 171, but with more muscle. The 271 has forty-four therapy jets and a neck massage seat to melt away daily stress.

280 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 280 is the largest of the 200 Series, with a roomy design that accommodates up to eight people. With a footwell massage dome and neck massage seat, and forty-six jets throughout the spa, it’s the perfect blend of spacious design and massage options.


281 Model Hot Tub

With a fully-reclined lounge seat and neck massage seat, the American Whirlpool® 281 is quite the spa experience. You can get a full massage from neck to toe while enjoying the Aurora Cascade water feature for ultimate relaxation.

282 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 282 adds another level of relaxation with its two lounge seats and neck massage seat. Whether your neck, shoulders, back, or feet are feeling the tension, the 282 has just the cure.


451 Model Hot Tub

Don’t let the size of the 451 fool you, this three-person spa is loaded with massage features, including a Foot Relief Zone® that massages the top and bottom of your feet. It’s Performance Seating® makes it mighty mite.

460 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 460 has a number of seating options for up to four people. A bench seat offers two massages for the back, and two corner seats offer Comfort Collars® to address the neck and shoulders.


461 Model Hot Tub

The 461 is the perfect patio spa. It features the rejuvenation of full body immersion and a variety of seating. The layout includes barrier free seating, deeper Zone Therapy® seating and a lounge to accommodate in size.

470 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 470 has a unique interior design that allows comfortable seating for six while permitting full body immersion in the Zone Therapy® seat. This is the ideal model for those who enjoy outdoor entertaining or quiet conversation among friends.


471 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 471 is our most popular hot tub and offers a single performance lounge with a Foot Relief Zone™ and seating for up to six spa enthusiasts. There are two bucket seats with our specially designed Comfort Collar® and Zone Therapy® features. This popular size is perfect for families or couples.

472 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 472 is the ideal spa for groups looking to relax together. This model offers a performance lounge, a lounge with an amazing calf jet massage, one bucket seat with Zone Therapy® and comfortable seating for five.


480 Model Hot Tub

The 480 is one of the largest spas in the American Whirlpool® 400 Series. It offers six barrier-free seats, two Comfort Collars®, and a variety of jet patterns. This is the perfect spa for entertaining guests in your backyard retreat.

481 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 481 can seat up to six people with a Zone Therapy® seat and a performance lounge. The therapy package also offers the Foot Relief Zone™ for the ultimate spa experience. Extra space and an oversized footwell ensure additional room to stretch out.


880 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 880 model can seat up to 7. Offering two corner massage seats with Comfort Collar® with Zone Therapy® jets, steel sub structure and touch screen controls.

881 Model Hot Tub

Each seat of the 881 offers a different massage experience. The lounge has jets all the way down the back of the leg, one of the corner massage seats has a Comfort Collar® with Zone Therapy® jets, and a foot dome allows everyone a relaxing foot massage.


982 Model Hot Tub

The American Whirlpool® 982 is the perfect blend of relaxation, fitness, and entertainment. With a capacity of up to 10 people, this hot tub can be the life of the party or an at-home spa experience in one of the two lounges. The rectangular shape allows for exercise bands or rowing, and every seat offers a unique massage.

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